After making a few posts about previous projects or compilations, I have decided that I should just have one spot where you can quickly access all of that information! Welcome to… the Posts Of Interest page! (Dun dun dunnnn)

First is the post I previously made that showcases all of my episodic content from this blog whether it is a short story or autobiographical post.

Without Looking Back, How Can We Go Forward?

The next post is my most popular post to date with my record two-hundred and seventy views (Not many for some, but that’s a ton for my little corner of the web!) I wrote it and then branched out into the world of struggling writers and it may very well be the one thing that has been most rewarding from this blogging experience!

To Blog Or Not To Blog, Perhaps That Is The Question!

The next is the first item I’ve ever self published and I published it through the iBook Store and for the PDF version. Circle of Vengeance was originally planned to be a NaNoWriMo story, but after I began pacing it I found it better to be a short story. Of course, at a word count of ten thousand for a finished story and one week into NaNoWriMo I found myself not bothering to try and go for fifty thousand in three weeks. I love writing but I don’t ever want to stress over it like that again!

I’ve landed!… In The iBookstore!

If nothing else, those are the three I’d like you to check out! I mean after all, that is the summary of my blog in three simple posts! Let me know if you enjoy anything in there and if you download Circle of Vengeance please give me any feedback bad or good. I promise you, I can take it!

Thanks for swinging by and I hope you enjoy something!

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