Initiatives and Undertakings

I know what you’re thinking- Didn’t you just post the other day? The answer, may surprise you!

Actually it won’t.

I did.

Now that we’re past that, this post is to set my own goals for the blog for the remainder of 2018! They say once it’s in writing, you have to do it right? (I will get an agent this year, I will get published this year, I will become a millionaire this year…) Aside from wishing on a star, I’ve decided on the following cycle for this here ole blog!

From here on out, there will be two posts a week MINIMUM. They will cycle between the following in no particular order:

  • Writing Prompts (for when you’re stuck, I’ll generate some ideas, taking requests)
  • Book Reviews (when I finish a book… The Gunslinger, then a writing book)
  • Recently Discovered Blogs (the Liebster award inspired me to do this regularly)
  • My Writing Life (my progress, process, wins and fails)
  • Interesting Things (found during research or slacking off)
  • Competitions and Course Deals (that you may be my competition for)

Also, don’t be surprised if art features heavily for the next while. I am HORRIBLY addicted. No, seriously… is there a C.CAA (Canva.Com Addicts Anonymous)? My Instagram is going to be a billboard for that website soon enough as between those and my pups, I’m realising not much else is on there aside from travel photos!

For today, I’ll give you a tidbit of each one:

Writing Prompt ( Version, AKA Beta Version) – A man accidentally hits a pedestrian with his car and upon getting out to investigate, finds he’s killed himself.

Book Review – (Trade Comic) Thor: Goddess of Thunder: The tease of a Goddess of Thunder piqued my interest very early on and as much flack as the story received, I didn’t find it was all that bad. Is it ground breaking? No, in fact it has many jokes that feel out of place for the character who has recently discovered they are worthy of the power of Thor. That said though, the artists need commending as they held their own in the epic story that is a tale of Thor. Sadly, it ends before it divulges who Lady Thor really is, but in the interview in the back spoil it for the next trade! All in all 7/10 as the art carries the story, but I get the feeling its not the last we will see of a character wielding Mjolnir.

I’ll skip the newly discovered bloggers this time around as my previous post, The Liebster Award, is still fresh and making the rounds.

Competitions I’ve discovered: HOOBOY! There are tons of decent ones coming to an end very soon, (I’ll name only one for now though) which means that deadline monster that helps us all get things done can help you out! Not only that but practice and prize money? Win-win!

Interesting Things: The Honjo Masamune samurai sword was a masterfully crafted blade that was passed down from shogun to shogun during the Edo Period of Japan’s history. The blade survived through a number of battles with tales of its quality being told throughout and it was in circulation until sometime around World War II when it was confiscated and vanished. Even today, no one knows where the sword may exist or if it still exists, despite it being declared a National Treasure in 1939. (See Wikipedia)

My Writing Life: Currently I am juggling more than I should be! I’ve registered for 3 Australian Writer’s Centre courses, I am editing my first draft of Jefferson and the Magician’s Curse, I am reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King and a book on Self-Editing in an attempt to jump start my editing chops and all the while subbing in for my boss who’s wife is going to have their baby soon while the store prepares for stocktake. *GASP* I am on module 4 for my first course (building your author platform), I’m two chapters into Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (highly recommended thus far) and I’m 1/10 complete of my edit. Also, because I’m insane, I’m considering the #WriteABookWithAl starting in February. Book two, Jefferson and the Eternal Mana, won’t write itself and I just figured out the final scene while I showered tonight.


So this post will probably be the last live one I post (as it is currently 1:35 am) but my plan is to post these twice a week, probably Tuesday and Friday, in the hopes that I can get ahead enough to not have to worry about blog posts as much! Anyway, I’d love to hear how your current work in progress is going and let me know if you’re stuck, maybe I can help and I won’t ask for anything in return!

Good luck out there folks beyond the screen, and keep on writing!

Community Post: The Liebster Award

Ah the Liebster Award, it’s awesome to be thought of for this twice! First, I must thank the ever lovely Sal Gallaher for nominating me this time as she and I have crossed paths through the amazing writing community that is the “So you want to be a writer” podcast. The last time I was nominated back in 2013 it was a blogger named Becka, who appears to have taken down her blog.

This year, the award is a bit more prominent for me as I reach out to other bloggers who are writing fantasy so I can begin surrounding myself with others from the genre I’m writing in! Not only that, but as I’ve become more focused and have invested both time and money into my author platform this year, reaching out is merely another investment!

But first, what is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is a chain concept of forcing yourself to get out there and network, all the while acknowledging a blogger who is still mostly undiscovered. The idea is very much in the Pay-It-Forward vein and I’m all for good karma!

Should you accept the award, you can do a few things: Use the lovely graphic I’ve created above for you(click here for a better version or make your own, I’ve become obsessed with, write about it on your blog (yay for a free post idea, you’re welcome), mention my blog (free publicity for all, hurray) and then, as I mentioned, Pay-It-Forward! Comment on one of their latest posts or perhaps even an About Me page letting them know you’ve nominated them and last but not least, ask 10 questions you’d like answers to. They can be as silly as “What colour tastes the best to you?” to deep meaningful questions such as “What do you believe is the meaning of life?” (Spoiler alert, it’s 42)

Now that we’re past that, allow me to answer Sal’s questions, after all, she’s earned them!

1. If you could have a ​superpower​ what would it be and why?

I would like to be invincible. Completely impervious to damage and unable to die aside from naturally. I’d use this power to not only explore the depths of the oceans but also to intervene in war zones where I could broker peace deals without being concerned about being gunned down and left in a ditch.

2. What is your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is easily Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. So quotable from the opening credits, to the black knight, to the Knights of Camelot, to the Killer Rabbit, to the… need I go on?

3. When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging way back in 2012 after I’d gone through divorce. It was a rough time for me and I really needed to vent, so originally it was a type of diary. That being said, it slowly evolved into short stories, poetry and then longer pieces of fiction until a few years ago I discovered #NaNoWriMo and then that lead me to my first true novel, Jefferson and the Magician’s Curse clocking in just under 100k words.

4. Paperbook or Kindle?

Kindle in theory, but I’ll be damned if I don’t have a super sweet bookshelf filled with hardcovers and Barnes & Noble Leather-bound collectible editions for the ogling. Not only that, but turning the pages on a Kindle is depressing to me and takes away some of the emotion. Right now I’m rereading The Gunslinger by Stephen King and I bought it second hand. Each page has been touched by someone else, but it’s amazing to consider that despite that person and I reading the same story and the same book, we would both have different pictures of characters and scenes in our heads.

5. Do you now live in the country you were born in?

No, I am a Canuck Amuck- a Canadian living abroad, here in Australia. I love wearing shorts year round, but sometimes, that humidity just sucks the life from you. Not to mention all the other things trying to kill you here!

6. If money was no object what would you do this weekend? 

I would start up my dream project of the “Pay-It-Forward Press,” a publisher who is funded by the successful authors beneath them. The idea would be that the authors within the press would all be interested in discovering new talent and they choose who they want to publish. Hence the pay-it-forward mentality.

7. Who do you respect and look up to?

I love Tolkien’s stories as he is the one who pioneered my genre, but I respect and look up to Ray Bradbury. It’s sad that he passed away before I got the chance to meet him and thank him, but if you’re an aspiring writer, read his essay (in book form) Zen in the Art of Writing as it inspires me every time I read it and I do that when ever the writing gets hard.

8. Do you listen to music when you write,​ if yes what is your preference?

Sometimes, it all depends on the scene. I mostly use music for action scenes requiring a degree of harmony or balance. Lately it’s been podcasts.

9. What really makes your heart sing?

My dogs make my heart sing, I can’t help but smile as they play with toys, sleep, scratch, lick me, pretty much anything really. Aside from them, when I reread my writing and something has gone exactly as I planned.

10. What is your main goal for this year?

My main goal is to find an agent this year as my aim is to be published by HarperCollins (or HarperVoyager). This may not be the best publisher for me, but for now I dream of being published in the same house as George R.R. Martin and Tolkien. If only they were looking for a YA Fantasy author in the same vein as J.K. Rowling!


For my nominees, I did a few days of digging to find the latest posts of some who have begun honing their voice through their blog but also have few followers. I found some posts I really enjoyed as well as some information for any budding writer and I wanted to spread the love and let them know that out there, beyond the screen, someone has read their blog and appreciated it! I feel as though the people I’ve chosen will be more than happy to pass on those sentiments, so here are my five choices!

  • Mademoiselle Fantasy – Stumbled across her latest post and enjoyed the read, I hope you will too!
  • Jo Writes Fantasy – Her posts remind me of my own yo-yo of a time editing my novel. Go check her out!
  • Dawn J. Stevens – Another fellow writer who is approaching publication! Let’s give her our support!
  • HanDevoursBooks – I came across the linked post and I honestly think it is something everyone needs to hear!
  • Dani Lee Collins – Her blog is fantastic looking, well written and quite informative! I hope you enjoy it as well!

Okay, now the 10 Questions I have for those I nominated!

  1. Why did you pick the genre you’re writing in?
  2. What was the first thing you were proud of writing?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo and either way, what’s your highest word count?
  5. What inspires your writing?
  6. What was the last book you read and when?
  7. What is your favourite book or story?
  8. Who is your favourite character (book, movie or otherwise)?
  9. What scene gave you chills (book, movie or otherwise)?
  10. The dimensions have torn and book worlds have merged and become one with reality. You must gather a group of four fictional characters to help you on your quest, who do you pick and why?

Now that I’m done with this post, I’m going to get back to my editing book, so that I can eventually get on with editing my book! Thanks for stopping by!